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BSAC Membership

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BSAC Membership

By joining a BSAC club, you will get all the advantages of learning and diving in a vibrant club atmosphere with the added benefits of social activities and ongoing training and support.

As a club member, you are also entitled to the full range of BSAC membership benefits.

Membership fees for 2021 are:

  • Annual adult subscription to BSAC is –       £62.50
  • For second member of a household –          £43.50
  • Junior member (age 12 – 17 yrs) –                £33.00
  • Adult students in full time education –       £33.00

Reduced rates offered for BSAC instructors. See our Membership Officer for details.

BSAC Membership Benefits
  • Dive and train with friends – anywhere!
  • BSAC has more than 1000 clubs and centres around the world
  • Access to our internationally-recognised Diver Trainer Programme
  • FREE Worldwide Third-Party Liability insurance, up to the value of £10m
  • FREE monthly subscription to SCUBA (BSAC’s official magazine)
  • Save £££s on your diving holidays through BSAC Travel Partners
  • Affordable diver life cover, critical illness and income protection cover
  • Access to exclusive Travel, Boat, Club and equipment insurance
  • Have your say as a member of the UK’s Governing body for diving
  • On-going support and training with the BSAC Regional coaching system
  • Unlimited access to expert advice from our experienced, friendly team

Fit to Dive

When you join Rugby Sub-Aqua Club you will need to complete a BSAC Recreational Diving Medical Declaration Form.

This is standard practice for all UK dive clubs and schools, irrespective of which training agency you belong to.

You don’t have to be super-fit to dive, but you must satisfy certain basic health and fitness requirements.

If you have to answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions you must contact a Diver Medical Referee.

These forms also need to be completed by all diving club members when re-joining annually to ensure the clubs records are up to date.


For more information talk to our Membership Officer or visit BSAC.com

Visit BSAC.com