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50m Dry Dive

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We are organising a 50m Dry Dive at our local Hyperbaric Chamber here in Rugby for Thursday 24th November 2022 at 6.00pm.

This is a the perfect environment to test a diver’s ability to handle nitrogen narcosis at depth, in a safe and water-free environment. All club member are invited to register their interest.

Cost: £40.00 (payable on the night)

Please contact Carl at the club or email him for more information and to reserve your space. 


On the night

  • The divers fill in a self-declaration medical form. Any questions ticked YES must be covered by a Dive Doctor’s clearance form. (These can be done at MDC with enough notice).
  • Divers change into scrubs (provided).
  • After a briefing, divers (maximum of 10) enter the chamber accompanied by an MDC supervisor.
  • The chamber is compressed to 50m.
  • After maximum bottom time is reached, decompression begins.
  • Divers decompress on a 100% oxygen.
  • On coming out of the chamber there will be a post-dive briefing and time for questions and logbook stamping.

Please remember that like a wet dive, a dry dive does carry a risk of DCI, although an extremely minimal one as the environment is carefully controlled.
Please report any abnormal symptoms immediately.


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