Frequently Asked Questions


The British Sub Aqua Club is recognised around the world for its high standard of training.

Founded over 60 years ago, with 1000 + clubs and over 45,000 members worldwide it is the largest single diving club in the world. Training under the BSAC club based system allows you to go at a pace that suits you while enjoying all the benefits of a club atmosphere. As a not for profit, BSAC is able to do things a bit differently.

More information can be found at BSAC.COM 

Diver and snorkeller training, centred around you

BSAC instructors teach divers and snorkellers to become a safe, confident and self-reliant. Rescue skills are taught from the start as standard. Quality time (in person) is spent with highly trained instructors to ensure you learn most effectively.

All-inclusive training

BSAC teaches a whole spectrum of skills so members can organise their own exciting and adventurous diving.


The Spirit of BSAC

Club life

Club life is not just about having access to scuba training, it’s about
being part of a social group of divers and enjoying diving together.

If you join a BSAC club, as well as quality training and the chance to
try UK diving, you also get...

  • To make a bunch of new diving friends.
  • Integrated training and diving progression
  • Diving opportunities all year round – in the UK and overseas.
  • Access to regionally and nationally organised training events.
  • Access to club equipment such as compressors, RIBs and dive 

Our mission in life is to grow the nation’s love of scuba diving.

Well, quite simply, we believe British scuba diving offers the most thrilling, challenging and
rewarding diving you are ever likely to do.
It offers adventure, opportunity, friendship and fun like no other sport we’ve come across. 

Why choose Rugby Divers?

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just looking to take up this exciting hobby, Rugby Divers always welcome new members and are always open to suggestions for new dives and trips.

* We are one of the most active clubs in the area and have a wealth of equipment and great facilities.
* We are also a friendly club and will do our best to make you welcome!
* We dive throughout the year - both in the UK and abroad.

* We have members who are experienced in all types of diving - inc. wreck, night diving, technical
* We have members who are interested in marine conservation, photography and more!
* We also run social events so the whole family can get involved.

For more information check out our Facebook page or drop us a message on our contact page.

How much does it cost?

For new Adult members learning to dive - £369.50.
For qualified divers wishing to join - £160.50 per year (inc BSAC membership).

Prices vary depending on the grade, additional training requirements and if a crossover course is required. Members will pay £100.00 for annual diving club membership of Rugby Divers.

For more information contact our membership officer by email at

How old do I have to be to start diving?

To dive under the BSAC system you need to be 12 yrs old or over.
We ask parents/guardians of our younger members to also join the club as a social member and to accompany child on club trips.

Annual social membership costs just £35.00

What do I need to start?

  • Swimming costume
  • An old T-shirt
  • A towel
  • (You may wish to buy your own mask and fins)

We will provide all your training kit while you train to Ocean Diver.
When you qualify we encourage you to buy your own kit to suit your personal needs.

Can I dive abroad?

Yes of course! Qualifications are accepted and recognised around the world for their high standards and for developing excellent self-reliant scuba divers.

Just show your qualification card to the dive centre and you will be acknowledged as having successfully undergone one of the world's best scuba training agencies. 

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, but as with all water sports it helps to be comfortable in the water. Part of your training requires you to swim 8 lengths (200m) of our pool but there is no time limit.

Your equipment is designed to provide buoyancy while on the surface and your training will teach you how to make the most of it while diving.

Where do you dive?

Rugby Divers regularly dive at sites all over the UK and abroad!

You can usually find us in Stoney Cove but also get out to
Anglesey, The Farne Isles, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Padstow and Scapa Flow.

We have also dived Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, Mexico, Thailand, Truk Lagoon and many
other exotic locations.

Check out our Club Photo & Video Gallery section.