Committee Members

Rugby Sub-aqua Club is a non-profit making organisation and has a committee that is elected every year.

Every club member is encouraged to be elected at an Annual General Meeting. The Committee manages the affairs of the branch and as a body has a duty of care to ensure all activities are conducted as safely as possible. They also work to promote and enthuse the branch and its members so that the branch continues and grows. Meet the people that run the club ...


Julie Tod
The Chair is responsible for leading our Club and making sure our meetings run smoothly and remain orderly. They have the casting vote, in the event of a tied ballot at committee and club meetings.

Diving Officer

Mike Davies
The Diving Officer has ultimate responsibility for monitoring all our diving activities, appointing a Training Officer and signing off awards of BSAC diving qualifications.

Equipment Officer

Jeremy Husband
The Equipment Officer is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Club's diving equipment
(eg. arranging servicing of BCD's, regulators, cylinders) and for try dives.

Membership Officer

Carl Adam-Watts
The Membership Officer is responsible for all club membership related enquiries, ensuring fees are paid and collected and liasing with BSAC headquarters.

Welfare Officer

Steve Whitehouse
The Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring all relevant DBS checks are carried out for all Instructors. They are also responsible for looking out for the welfare of Club members.


Dave Hollings
Responsible for communication between the Committee and our membership; and between the Club and BSAC HQ. He also organises the minutes of our Committee meetings and AGM.

training officer

John Hannah
The Training Officer is appointed by the Diving Officer to co-ordinate all the Club's training requirements from BSAC diving qualifcations and skills development courses.

Boat Officer

Jeremy Husband
The Boat Officer is responsible for maintaining (which includes regular servicing) the Club's boat and ancilliary equipment (electronics, sounders, GPS, radios etc.).


Rebecca Garratt
The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the sound financial management of the Club, receiving income and monitoring expenditure as well as preparing final accounts for the AGM.

Social secretary

Emma Cleaver
Our social secretary organises and manages all of our 'non-diving' activities. As a family club we organise events throughout the year to include BBQ's, night's out, bowling, and anything that club members may be interested in.