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Already a Diver?

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Already a Qualified Diver?
  • Are you an EXPERIENCED DIVER moving into the Rugby area and LOOKING FOR A CLUB?
  • STOPPED DIVING A WHILE AGO and are keen to back into the water?
  • Recently completed a diving course with ANOTHER AGENCY, such as PADI Open Water?
  • ACTIVE DIVER just looking for NEW BUDDIES and a chance to try DIFFERENT DIVE SITES?

We’re always keen to welcome both guest divers and potential new members. We have an active diving and training schedule, and a friendly membership always up for a chat over a drink after diving.

No matter what your existing qualification – from PADI Open Water to an Advanced Technical Instructor from another agency, we welcome all existing divers into our club and encourage you to dive with us within the limits of your existing qualifications.

If you’d like to further your training with us, we take your existing training into consideration, and you will begin training for the next level of BSAC certification – no need to start back at the beginning!

Continuing your training with us is entirely optional. You are welcome to dive with us at any time so long as you are within the limitations of your existing certification.

If you’re interested in diving with us as a guest, we’d also be pleased to accommodate you. And if you would like to join the club, that is fantastic!

You are welcome to come down to the club any Tuesday evening. We meet from 8.00 p.m.
Just let us know in advance and we will give you a warm welcome!

Get in touch to arrange a visit

Contact us to arrange a visit or to come diving with us!
Find out where Rugby Divers could take your diving and social life!

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