Try Snorkelling

Test the water with an ‘Experience Snorkelling’ session!

If you have never tried snorkelling before, then the best place to start is an 'Experience Snorkelling' session with Rugby Divers. 'Experience Snorkelling' is a fun trial session in the swimming pool where your BSAC instructor will introduce you to the basic snorkelling kit and skills.

To take the plunge, simply contact us using our contact page.

What do I need to bring?

If you have your own mask, fins and snorkel,
please bring them along. Otherwise these will be provided.

  • Swim wear & towel
  • An old T-shirt (to wear in the water if you prefer)
  • A £1 coin for the changing room locker
  • All other equipment is provided by us                              

Fit to Snorkel?

Snorkelling requires a reasonable level of fitness and there are some medical conditions that may prevent someone taking up the sport.

Therefore, trainees need to complete the 
before training can commence.

If there are any medical conditions revealed from
the self-declaration that may need investigation,
there is a process where prospective snorkellers
can contact one of the UK Diving Medical Committee
referees for guidance.