Club Membership

Rugby Sub-Aqua Club

Rugby Sub-Aqua Club (Rugby Divers) is a branch of The British Sub-Aqua Club - club no: 0431

We are a diving club (a Community Amateur Sports Club) and as such we are not a business.  That said we can train you to dive (you get an internationally recognised qualification) or if you are already qualified you can join and come on our trips and use our facilities and develop your diving further if you wish.  Members get access to our boats, clubhouse, training and much much more.

If you are interested in joining our branch you will find all the information you need below.

Membership Costs

Initial costs for an Adult member are around £365.00 which includes your membership to BSAC (providing third party insurance and a monthly magazine), initial joining fee and covers the costs of your Ocean Diver training. This reduces to the standard club & BSAC membership fees of around £145.00 for subsequent years.

*** New members requiring Ocean Diver training may opt to pay the total fee in 3 monthly instalments ***

 One of the key things you will need to do is complete a medical form, (download a copy hereBSAC Medical Form).  If you have to answer a “Yes” to any of the medical questions you will need to get a “fit to dive” check done by a diving doctor.  We can advise on that if needed and provide contact details for suitable doctors to approach.  If you are able to answer “No” to all the questions then you can sign the form and you are self-certified and good to go.
If you are new to scuba diving we can loan you the scuba equipment you will need for your pool training!

You will also be issued with a training pack, this contains all the study materials and your qualification record book in which you can track your training.

Once you have finished your training, you will awarded with your certification card which will be recognised by dive centres and organisations world-wide.

**  Please note: Members who pay by Direct Debit receive a £10.00 discount on their first annual payment of the BSAC Fees **

                                     Diver Qualification Grade        BSAC

Rugby Divers

Club Diver, Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader,
Assistant Diving Instructor, Theory/Practical Instructor
      £59.00        £87.00     £146.00
Club Instructor, Open Water Instructor, Advanced Diver       £54.00        £87.00     £141.00
Advanced Instructor, First Class Diver       £48.75        £87.00     £135.75
National Instructor       £39.00        £87.00     £126.00
Joint Member* (second member of a household aged
18 years or over who joins as a full diving member *
      £40.50        £87.00     £127.50
Junior Diving Member (for divers aged between 12 and 17 years)       £30.50       £48.00     £78.50
Student Member (for those in full-time education and over 18)       £30.50       £48.00     £78.50
Social Member           n/a       £30.00     £30.00
(Above fees/prices as from 1st March 2018) 

Join Us!

Joining Rugby Sub-Aqua Club means you get to join one of the best clubs in the UK!

We can introduce you to the amazing underwater world and you’re only a few lessons away from enjoying scuba diving anywhere in the world.

For further information or to organise your training, get in touch with us via our contact page